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What do members say about MOMS Club?

The following are testimonials written by past and current members of our chapter:

As a new mom in a new town, I felt so lonely and isolated before finding MOMS Club. Just knowing that everyday there was an activity and an opportunity for me and my daughter to connect with other moms and kids, was such a relief. In addition to all of the friendships I gained, the group also helped me to feel a sense of belonging within the Royal Oak community. I will forever cherish the memories of my time as a member of MOMS Club. – Vanessa S

MOMS Club was a life changer for me as a new mom. During a time when most of my friends didn't have kids yet, and I was transitioning from a very career-oriented mindset, to wanting to spend more time focused on my family, it was wonderful to meet other like-minded moms. On rough mornings when I didn't know how we would make it out the door, I really looked forward to meet-ups with other moms who were going through similar struggles, and who also needed adult interaction. I have formed lasting friendships and received invaluable support. – Meagan F

The best thing about MOMS Club was that it gave me a reason to get out of the house for an event. With two little kids, that felt like a huge accomplishment for the day. – Yvonne M

Joining MOMS Club when my first child was a tiny baby was a wonderful decision! I didn't know any other local moms. The group quickly became a lifeline, whether it be a morning playdate and coffee chat, a MOMS Night Out, or a playground meet-up. Connecting with other moms and kids kept me sane and happy! I received advice on everything breastfeeding, toddler discipline, preschools, and relationships. Ten years later, I still treasure the friends I met in MOMS Club. My kids are still friends with many of their cohorts too! – Claudia R

MOMS Club has helped me to navigate the emotional, rocky road of becoming a Mom. I'm so thankful for the friendships I've gained, the advice I've received, the hand-me-downs, the sunshine meals, the recipes, and the crazy questions answered. MOMS Club membership is different for everyone but I have some parting advice:

1) Get yourself out to events when you can because you'll usually get something out of it, but don't beat yourself up if you aren't as active as others. My oldest has always been difficult about getting out the door, so though we enjoyed attending events, it was sometimes more than I could surmount. I used to feel bad about this, but I realized we can only do so much.

2) Find your people in the group if you're not comfortable reaching out online, those people will be there for you in more intimate ways. "Momming" can be super isolating others in this group will understand this more than you can imagine, you're not alone.

3) It's okay to want to punch people who tell you to "sleep when the baby sleeps." It's also okay to take a nap should the opportunity present itself.

4) Moms are all superheroes, but Moms of three or more? Next level. These people have Jedi skills and should be studied by science. They also have the best advice. They also probably need a hug, and a massage. I've learned a lot from them.

I've enjoyed my membership in such a dynamic, welcoming group of people. It's heartwarming to know that this kind of support will continue to be available for Moms (and Dads!) for years to come. – Maggie J